Gerard Butler has been miscast for the last five years.  Sure, he is a handsome man with a sexy accent, but he shouldn’t be doing so many romantic comedies. Die Hard-esque action movies is definitely his genre!

As soon as the opening title sequence starts you have the feeling of impending doom. For the first five minutes of Olympus Has Fallen you’re filled with anxiety, you’re not quite sure what it is, but you sense the tension, you know something bad is about to happen. Director Antione Fuqua does an excellent job keeping the right amount of tension for the entire movie; it is so engaging from start to finish that you can almost forgive the cheesy lines and ridiculous moments.

The hero of the story is Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), an ex secret service agent who is unfortunately stuck at a desk job. He is desperate to get his spot back in the big show, guarding the President, but President Asher (Aaron Eckhart) doesn’t want a daily reminder of their tragic past. But when terrorists attack and take over the white house, Banning runs into the line of fire to save the day! First he has to find the President’s son who has cleverly hidden in one of the White House’s secret passage ways, then he must make his way into the underground bunker where President Asher is being held hostage along with other high level government officials before the Korean terrorists torture them to get the three codes required to set off a top-secret fail-safe device that would destroy the United States' nuclear arsenal. In between kicking butt and shooting bad guys, Banning is in contact with Speaker Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and Secret Service Director Jacobs (Angela Bassett) who are working from the Pentagon to handle the crisis.

Jam packed with shoot outs, fight scenes, explosions and a touch of humor, Olympus Has Fallen is a fun time at the movies, as long as you don’t think too much about the absurdity of the plot. As long as you can suspend your disbelief and you enjoy movies like Die Hard where a one man army takes down a group of bad guys all by himself in heroic fashion, you’ll enjoy Olympus Has Fallen. Just be prepared to be filled with tension and anxiety for two hours, the story gives you very few moments of peace before the action starts back up again.

Definitely worth the price of a matinee ticket.

Rated R

1 Hour 59 Minutes

In theatres March 22nd