WWE and the Brass Ring

Sean “The Hitman” Horsch


          Bet the title makes this feel like I am about to tell you a bed time story, right? Far from it actually, we are going to talk about the so called “brass ring” that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon references while talking about grabbing opportunities. Vince tried really to drive the point home about the brass ring as he calls it on his appearance of the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Podcast that was live on the Network, but what this truly means is that they want you to make yourself stand out. The thing that they fail to tell you is that they will not push you if you even put yourself over with the crowd if they feel like you’re missing something that cannot find. Need further proof? Look at three WWE superstars that are currently on the roster that have not a meaningful push or a lengthy title reign. Those three superstars would be Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, Neville, and I will include Cesaro in this group of stars that the brass ring seems to be further away for then other, but we all know others could be included in this list and rightfully so. So why though is it that these guys seem to be getting overlooked in the here and now, they have seemed to get shots at titles within the company but something seems to be amiss?

          We could break this down piece by piece talking about each superstar and why it seems as though the company, in this case we really are only talking about Vince here, but instead of discussing each guy we can discuss the concept of the brass ring and what the company might be looking for from these guys in order to grab it. When Vince talks about the brass ring it’s this mythical premise that you have to jump through his hoops or maintain some sort of “look” in order to be pushed to the top of the company. That look seems to be that you have to weigh 250 pounds plus, be 6 feet tall plus, and look like you spent your day in the weight room, which when you look at guys like Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, and Neville they don’t seem to fit this so called image, but their talent was one that won the likes of Zayn and Neville numerous title in other promotions and saw both at one point hold the NXT championship. Bray Wyatt has seemingly had the total package from the introduction of the Wyatt Family from understanding the psychology of the ring and performance to how to make his character connect with the audience. The only thing that seems to be holding someone like Cesaro back recently has been a lack of a shot, but some will say that the reason for his lack of shot is due to the fact that some in the back have a hard time understanding him on the microphone so they don’t think he could connect with the crowd. His “Cesaro Section” signs that take over the audience at most shows would say he’s connecting with the audience just fine, but then again what would I know? All these guys are extremely talented, but it seems as though so far only Cesaro has seen any sort of title run with a singles title while the others have had a shot at titles it doesn’t seem as though they will carry anytime soon with the company.

          Why does it seem that someone like Roman Reigns get as many chances at the title as he wants? Easy, he fits what we would like to call the “cookie cutter” mold. VKM has a certain way he’d like for his champions to look, but sadly those individuals were last really known and extremely popular as recently as the late 90’s. Today’s fan favorite isn’t looking like a guy who spent his whole day in the gym and then asked to see a man about a needle. Recently the fan favorites have been guys with steam behind their name from the things they did elsewhere before showing up to WWE, I mean take a look at the “Yes” movement, those who still chant for CM Punk, and those who pop when Finn Balor come out after they saw what he did in NJPW. Times are changing and the smaller guy is cool to like and even cooler being champion. Currently your Universal Champion as of this article is a man who made a name for himself in the independents and Ring of Honor with a body that more closely resembles that of Homer Simpson than Hercules. Yet that same man has carried the title and gotten over with the fan base in such a way that no one probably thought of when he first signed with the company.  I know it’s hard for those in charge to understand that someone who is the unconventional look could be the top of their roster, but it’s time that the times change and we start understanding that we can have those who are the best wrestler on the roster be the top of the card. Maybe at that point we can push past the rhetoric of those who have the look are the champions, maybe even get past those who aren’t fans of the “Five Moves of Doom” and “Superman Punches” galore being all over the television.

          Here’s the honest trust that WWE needs to realize, the guy that the fans love looks more like you and I as an average person than he does that of a gladiator. Those that have been popular in recent memory are undersized, maybe have a belly on them, don’t look like they should star in Magic Mike: The Final Dance, but you know what they can do is WRESTLE. These guys entertain us on the mic, they make us drop our jaw at what they can do in the ring, and they are something special in the ring. That’s why it’s a shame that we have to see guys like Zayn, Neville, Cesaro, and countless others get overlooked for titles or for opportunities because there is a guy that has the “it” look that some in the company still believe makes them a fan favorite. Yes John Cena said it best when he said that getting any reaction out the audience means that he is doing his job, however what seems to happen is those that do the job incredibly well will continue to go unnoticed until they leave the company and then those in charge will be left to wonder why they didn’t give someone with such talent the chance to ultimately shine on the big stage. The brass ring isn’t unobtainable for all, it’s only unobtainable for those who continue to reach for it and have it ripped from their grasp with lame tag team pairings or being made to be squashed by the biggest guy until you ask to be traded. There are plenty of guys on both Raw and Smackdown Live that deserve the chance to shine and hopefully 2017 seems them get that chance.

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