Why Goldberg’s Win Makes Little Sense

Sean “The Hitman” Horsch

          For the much hyped match that was to take place between the returning Bill Goldberg and “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar this past Sunday at Survivor Series it ended in what can only be called a disappointment to me. Goldberg was able to destroy what WWE had built up as their unstoppable force and did so in a mere 1 minute 25 seconds. He, Lesnar, was systematically destroyed by a man who hadn’t been in the ring in some 12 years, but yet Goldberg somehow made quick work of the guy who was able to take down the Undertaker’s streak and ran through “the face that runs the place” in John Cena. How though? How sometimes can’t be a worry to a wrestling fan so much as the why and has to leave us questioning the motives of the creative team in WWE. I pondered what the point of this match was, of what such a powerful promo that Goldberg cut on his return to the ring actually meant. Think about it, Goldberg cuts his promo and says, “You’re last”, he said Brock was last but how can that be now that Goldberg came out on Monday and said that he was joining the Royal Rumble in January, that and there is now rumor about the possibility of a WrestleMania match against Rusev. Goldberg’s promo from that first night he returned, that he garnered such a warm reception from the crowd, and those words were almost as if they were from the heart. Now everything seems like it was meant for not, like it was all one of the greatest illusions pulled, but that yet somehow this has greater impact on storylines going forward not only including Goldberg but Brock Lesnar.


          Best I can figure out from the way that they’re going WWE is expecting that Goldberg to be available for multiple matches within his run with the company spanning into next year. On Raw the night after Survivor Series we get the news from Goldberg himself that he has been approached to be in the Royal Rumble come January. I know that we usually get a few veterans that we haven’t seen in some time returning to the ring for a quick appearance, I mean look at what Diamond Dallas Page did a few years back, but the guys who return are never taken seriously. Can we really expect that Goldberg is to be taken seriously in the Rumble? Is this all an elaborate plan that will set up a WrestleMania match with Rusev after the two have issues during the match? Little still seems to make sense and obviously if this is the plan going forward it will take some time to come to fruition. Mind you that this all is coming from a man said to have injured his shoulder in the ring during a promo where he and Lesnar threw around a bunch of in



          However, let’s take a look now at what this match meant for Goldberg’s opponent, Brock Lesnar, going forward. Here we have the Beast Incarnate, who the WWE has built to be a machine, an unstoppable force that has been able to run through and single handedly take apart its top superstars such as Roman Reigns, John Cena, and even end one of the greatest streaks known to wrestling fans when he defeated Undertaker to end the streak. Lesnar was always billed as this monster, but somehow this beast was felled by a man who is in his 50’s in unprecedented time. Where can Lesnar go from here now is yet to be seen and it is going to be interesting to see if they try to build him up as a force that has no match. We saw him get destroyed by Goldberg and we saw the match look rather pitiful with very little offense from Brock and seemingly no answer as to how he could combat Goldberg. Rather we saw him take spear after spear before Goldberg dropped him in the center of the ring with a jackhammer, again a man who hasn’t been in the ring in 12 years took Brock Lesnar out in ONE MINUTE AND 25 SECONDS! I am not sure that I can take someone serious going forward billed to be this monster when he got beat by a man a few years shy of being able to sign up for AARP.  Only time will tell how the beast is booked and how they possibly rebound from this match, it’ll be interesting that is to say the least.