What the 2017 Royal Rumble Could Bring


Sean “The Hitman” Horsch


As we embark on the road leading up to the 2017 Royal Rumble questions are out there as to whom all is going to be there. We know so far that guaranteed to be there are the already announced Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, but what other surprises could be in store for wrestling fans during Royal Rumble? Sure we are a little more than a month away from the big event, but it doesn’t hurt to get ourselves amped up for the show. During the Royal Rumble we know that WWE is well known for their history of bringing back such veterans as DDP, Tatanka, or even Sgt Slaughter for a special appearance that ends rather quickly for most veterans, with the exception of some awesome “Diamond Cutters” from one DDP a few years back. Though this match seems like it would make sense for some to return, it makes more sense for some guys to return and set up matches in the future such as at WrestleMania.  We can take a look at some of those guys who might be squaring off in the ring during the Rumble


Seth Rollins just recently came out on Raw saying that he wants to face Triple H, well this event makes perfect sense for these two to come together at the Rumble in the battle royal match face to face. Now neither of these men would obviously win the match, but we can say that this would be the perfect start for these two on their way to the inevitable match at WrestleMania in Orlando this year. These two almost at this time seem destined to be face to face at some point the in the Rumble, whether it be after a lengthy run by Rollins cause Stephanie and Hunter “stack the deck” against him in a matter of speaking. This will likely leave Rollins eliminating Triple H and then Rollins being eliminated by someone with the backing of Stephanie, such as Jericho, leading to a brawl between Hunter and Rollins on the outside. That will help launch their program fully leading into WrestleMania and will likely be the co-headlining the card.


Braun Stroman looks like he is set for the push of a lifetime come 2017 and the Royal Rumble is likely to be the start of big things for this mountain of man. Stroman has been a fixture on Raw of the draft and seems like they are booking him to be a destructive force unseen in sometime, but what can we expect from Stroman come the Rumble? Easy, that word is destruction and it’s likely that he might be setting records for entrants eliminated this year. He is no longer at the beckon call of Bray Wyatt and the family, that was seen during the 5 on 5 elimination match that took place at Survivor Series.  Stroman has the potential to be the monster that WWE has lacked since Big Show and Kane were truly relevant in the attitude era. However, he is probably going to be faced with the task of making Roman look strong. I say this because in your mind you can already see that the former World Champion is going to probably have to hit Braun with the superman punch at least 5 times before the mountain of man stumbles and Roman can hit him with a clothesline that will finally rid the Rumble of this gigantic man. If Stroman is not eliminated by Roman then he is officially my dark horse to take the whole thing and end up headlining WrestleMania as we all know Vince has a fascination with the big guys in them getting to be title holders or at the least contenders.


For some like Chris Jericho, Big Show, and Mark Henry this could mark the final time we will be seeing them in the Rumble. These guys have been giving us moments for years that have left as fans enjoying their entertainment, but now as the clock moves into the twilight of their careers it seems like this should be the final time that these super stars get to climb in the ring for the Rumble. Show and Henry are set with their roles as both ambassadors and possibly agents backstage after they leave the company while Jericho has his band Fozzy getting ready to record and do a new tour next year. Jericho is unlikely to make a big run in the rumble but will still have the ability to provide the audience with a few memorable moments in the match. Show and Henry are likely to be entrants where the remainder of those in the match team up with in order to eliminate and likely will not eliminate anyone themselves, but you can imagine the crowd acknowledging all three upon their exit from the match so long as all three are in it at some point. Jericho might be a superstar that we see in the title picture at Rumble which could take him out of the Rumble, but such cannot be said of Henry and Show. For these two long time guys of the company the Rumble might pass both completely by as we saw with Henry in 2016, which was expected to be his last one.  Anyway that we look at it the Rumble promises to have a few surprises that take place each year. What exactly that would be remains to be seen until the show and yet we’re not guaranteed any at all and it could be rather cookie cutter. One can only hope though that we get one more chance for someone to make the “List of Jericho” during the match and that can stave off the inevitable of Chris Jericho walking away from WWE television for a period of time unknown as of now. Whatever happens at Rumble, just remember it’s always guaranteed to be fun to watch.


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