Do you have the network?


          This week marked the debut of “205 Live” on the ol’ 9.99 network and to say it wasn’t awesome is an understatement. To see some of the things the cruiserweights pull off is like the lighting of the tree for the first time every year. It’s something that gives you so much excitement and you hold your breath just for that brief moment to see the spectacle that it is. That is until you realize that this is 8th hour of wrestling you’ve watched this week and you still have at least 2 or more hours left in the week to do so.

          The one thing that we were worried about with the brand split going on was how much time am I going to have to dedicate to wrestling? The real question for me was “am I going to be able dedicate to it?” Answer is, no. No I am not. With two different shows it opens up to more story lines that I can’t keep up with, more pay per view events that I fall behind on and way too much repetitiveness when it comes to these matches. This weekend marks the 8th time AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose are fighting for the World Championship since the brand split.

          Here’s your current shows that are on the regular.

Monday: Raw, 3 hours, 3 ½ hours with preshow.

Tuesday: Smackdown, 2 hours, 3+ hours with preshow and post show.

                   205 Live, 45 minutes

Wednesday: NXT, 1 hour

Thursday: Total Divas, 1 hour…stop pretending that you don’t watch it.

                     Main Event: 1 hour…stop pretending that you do watch it.

          With all of that and a 2-5 hour pay per view every other weekend, it gets to be too much!


          With all that programming going on the only thing that is saving me from it all is the WWE Network. If you don’t have it by now what is holding you back? There is so much great programming aside from their regular broadcast. There’s special’s on there that you can only get on DVD for $15. Original broadcasting that pulls back the curtain a bit on your favorite superstars. Who could forget the endless tape libraries of ever pay per view from WCW, ECW and old school WWE. Saturday Nights Main Events from the 80, WCW Clash of the Champions, even old AWA classic matches will have you stuck on there for hours. Here’s the big one…are you ready. Sit down if you are not. Are you sitting down yet? Every current pay per view that is offered is streamed live on the network. If you are a diehard like I am, I want to see what happens in these events because they are the things that will shape my regular broadcasting when I do get to see it. Side pay per views run $25 a shot. Main ones can run more with Wrestlemania being rather expensive. If you do the math, you are spending way more for PPV’s in the year than just paying for the network for a year. At $10 bucks a month you can’t go wrong. GET THE NETWORK! Now I’m off to my Total Diva’s marathon on the network that I am proud to say that I’ve had since day one. That Summer Ray can just be soooo catty.