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Book publishers are hiring readers to go through their material and take out any offensive items.

These people, called sensitivity readers, scan books before they reach shelves for racist, sexist and other offensive material, reports Heat Street.

The sensitivity readers only cost a small fee and reportedly have experiences with transgender issues, race in the Muslim community, and terminal illness. These readers are in high demand, as authors are criticized for “bias” and “cultural appropriation.”

Dhonielle Clayton, a librarian and writer, works as a sensitivity reader. She goes over two manuscripts a month and makes sure that characters and scenes are genuine. She also advises authors on research for their books.

“Books for me are supposed to be vehicles for pleasure, they’re supposed to be escapist and fun,” Clayton said. She doesn’t believe that books are supposed to be filled with stereotypes or “harmful versions” of people.

Kate Messner, a children’s author, regularly employs sensitivity readers to go over her books. She believes that they have helped her make sure the issues she covers in her books are “realistic and sensitive.”

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