RAMSEY, MN — It's the second officer-involved fatal shooting in the metro area in one day.  It happened Thursday afternoon outside a daycare in the far northwest suburb of Ramsey.  Officers shot and fatally wounded a man after he pointed a gun at them as he was running away from a suspicious vehicle parked outside the daycare.  No one inside was injured and two other occupants of the car were arrested.  The shooting led to a 30-minute lockdown of the center that ended when the children there were evacuated to a nearby church, where they were picked up by their parents.  What the men were doing in the car or why their presence prompted a suspicious-activity report has not yet been determined.  Yesterday morning in Saint Paul, police shot and killed a suspect during a confrontation near a gas station on that city's West Side.  A witness says the man was throwing rocks, punched an officer, then charged another officer who fired his weapon three times.

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