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It was the culmination of a horrifying night inside a mall in St. Cloud, MN. At approximately 8:00pm an unnamed suspect dressed in what’s being called a “private security outfit”  began stabbing people seemingly at random inside the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud.

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson confirmed that eight victims were taken to St. Cloud Hospital to be treated for stab wounds. Seven of the eight have already been released while one remains hospitalized with what’s being called “non-life threatening injuries”.

While an official motive is unknown at the moment CNN is reporting that witnesses reported the suspect “made a reference to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he attacked.”

In the midst of his attack, the suspect was confronted by an armed off duty police officer who fired multiple shots rendering the suspect deceased ending the terrifying ordeal inside the mall.

Chief Anderson was not comfortable releasing the identity of the suspect during his press conference shortly after midnight this morning but did mention that the suspect was familiar to police with multiple infractions on his record, though most were minor violations and traffic stops and none resulted in arrest.

“It’s an awful day,” Police Chief Anderson said. “Tomorrow, things won’t be the same here.”


The St. Cloud Crossroads Mall will be closed for business on Sunday, September 18th as authorities continue to investigate the scene.