By: Aj Mansour |


Enough with Super Mario Run and the Apple Watch Series 2 already, show us iPhone 7!!!


Which is just what came next at today’s Apple “special event”.


There were 10 main new improvements highlighted from Apple today as they unveiled the newest edition of the iPhone


  1. A new design and casing
    The new “Jet Black” high gloss casing has a mirror like finish but still comes in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and new matted Black.

  2. Home Button Update
    It’s the most important piece of the iPhone and now it’s getting revamped. The integration of a force sensitive home button will allow a more responsive, more intuitive and completely customizable use on the iPhone 7.

  3. Water And Dust Resistant
    A big thing in my household with a two year old, a puppy and a clumsy father (me), the new iPhone casing will be both water and dust resistant.

  4. Updated Camera
    Dubbed “the best camera ever on a smartphone,” the new iPhone 7 camera is armed with an optical image stabilizer 12mp camera, the iPhone 7 has a faster image sensor for motion, new true tone flash with 4 LEDs, can spit out raw DNG files and a six element lens. Even the front facing camera has an update up to 7mp.

    Interesting to note, on the iPhone 7 Plus there are TWO 12mp cameras. You’re probably asking yourself why have two cameras? Great question, I was too. Here’s why.

    With two cameras and two different lenses a new zoom feature is built into the iPhone allowing for better, crisper zoomed photos. It’s essentially a built in telephoto lense up to a 56MM 10X zoom. The new two lensed camera also allows for the creation of shallow depth of field photos with blurred background and sharp foreground photos.

  5. Retina HD Display
    Upping the ante even further, the screen is 25% brighter with a wide color gamut including 3D touch. Joining forces with Instagram Apple allows new LIVE PHOTOS to be imported into Instagram as a Boomerang video image. All new Instagram filters have also been updated to handle the wide color gamut of the iPhone 7 cameras and retina HD display.

  6. Updated Audio Elements
    The new built in speakers are a huge jump forward in audio quality including stereo speakers which put out twice the volume of those in the iPhone 6.

  7. Lightning Plug Apple Earpods
    The long rumored loss of the headphone jack was true, but was not exactly what people had thought. The new iPhone is not solely moving to wireless earpods, instead the new earpods will connect through the recently updated lightning port, the same as your power cord. The lightning connector will also allow for further customization of listening of which the old analog mini phono connectors could not. A lightning to mini-phono adapter will also be included in the box of the new iPhone for use of old analog headphones.

  8. Wireless Apple Airpods
    Apple’s first venture into wireless headphones, the airpods utilize an apple W1 chip inside each AirPod which are sourced with double touch Siri utilization, microphone and infrared capabilities. One charge of the Airpods will last for 5 hours and the portable charging station case will add another 24 hours to your playback. Beats headphones will also be shortly behind with new wireless headphones to match featuring the new Apple W1 chip including affordable new headphones called BeatsX

  9. Apple Pay
    Did you know that over 90% of wireless transactions are made with Apple Pay? Neither did I, but now we both do. New countries, new features and more.

  10. Performance
    The fastest smartphone in the market just got faster with the new A10 Fusion chip. A 64Bit, 4-core processor, the A10 Fusion is high performance and will run a full 40% faster than the iPhone 6S and 120x faster than the original iPhone. Two of the four cores are high efficiency cores that will allow for longer battery life. The graphics chip is 50% faster than it’s predecessor and uses 2/3s the power. It’s the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. This means new games, better looking games, console level gaming on an iPhone is around the corner.

The new iPhone 7 will be armed with longer battery life than those before it and will be available this and will cost $649, the same as the iPhone 6. For a monthly installment plan, that will be about $27/month for 24 months.